The  workshop leader will arrive at your school with her Victorian classroom pop-up theatre.

Dressed in Victorian costume she will perform short, fun scenes and talk about Victorian life.   Then will show the children how to improvise their own version of the historical events and recreate them!

The pupils will meet a character called Ms Grimm and  have the opportunity to ask questions and act scenes with her. They will also get to meet and help a parlour maid with her servant duties.

  • This fully interactive workshop will help pupils to
    understand differences between living in the past and living today.
  • Children may dress up and use school photos as a follow up tool.
  • The pupils will meet a strict Victorian school teacher & a domestic
    servant from a large household.
  • Covers Queen Victoria’s Life.
  • Life as Victorian child.
  • Life in the coalmines
  • Victorian inventions
  • Encourages Creative Writing
  • Free Teacher's Resource Notes
  • Designed for inspiring a class at a time.
  • Cost: £195 + vat per workshop

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