Greek Myths & Legends

Our Amazing Greek Workshop is full of fun and facts.  Ideal for inspiring your class to write their own myth or legend story.

Create History Workshops for KS2

The experienced actor will perform short scenes from the selected period; then, using drama, freeze-frame, and role-play the children will be encouraged to interact with the performer, and recreate some of the scenes. The Create History workshop produces work that lends itself to being used for assembly projects.


The Workshop Leader will arrive at your school with a pop-up Greek theatre. Then after a short, fun, fact-filled  performance, during which you will hear the story of Pandora's box, meet a mysterious  Greek fortune-teller, and find out the rules of the Olympic games from Acanthus the Spartan.

The children will learn how to improvise their own version of the  events.  There will be  opportunity to ask questions and act out scenes; even becoming ancient heroes and Gods themselves.

  • This fully interactive workshop helps pupils to  understand living in the past, and explores differences between then and now.
  • Encourages Creative Writing
  • Free Teacher's Resource Notes
  • Designed for inspiring a class at a time
  • Cost: £195 + vat per workshop

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